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Agario Unblocked

Play Agario Unblocked for Free at School

Agario unblocked is one of the most popular io unblocked games in the world. This great unblocked game became very popular and played by millions all over the world. The game became so successful that it developed for all kinds of gaming platforms. You can play Agario unblocked whenever you want without any limitations and have fun. In this free unblocked game, you are going to control a ball and try to eliminate your opponents, who are real players just like you, by catching them. The more players you eliminate, the bigger your ball will get. However, keep in mind that your movement speed will be reduced as you keep getting bigger.

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How to Play Agario unblocked?

You can play Agario unblocked only with your mouse. Players can provide directions to their balls with the help of their mouse movement. In addition to this, you can split your ball and throw one piece away by clicking on the left click of your mouse. In this way, you can catch players who are a bit far away from you. However, you need to be careful because your dimensions will be smaller when you split. This can make you a target for bigger players, and you may easily lose the game.

Agario Unblocked Tips and Tricks

Splitting yourself can be quite tricky when you play Agario unblocked. If any of your parts will be caught by other players, you will lose that much score and must keep playing with the smaller part. However, this does not mean that you cannot kill other players or collect orbs to achieve the same size or get bigger. When you start playing the game, it will be logical to stay on the edge of the map. In general, bigger players stay around the middle part and try to consume each other. You can hang out close to edges until you reach a certain size and then start hunting other players.

Agario Unblocked How To Play
You have to use your mouse to play Agario Unblocked. Press the Space bar to split your own character. Press W to subtract your own character's mass.
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