You can play unblocked games for free at school. For example Tyrone's Unblocked Games, Unblocked, Super Smash Flash 2 Unblocked, Tetris Unblocked and Roblox Unblocked etc…

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Electric Man 2

Electric Man 2 Unblocked

Electric Man 2 Unblocked is an excellent stickman fight unblocked game where you fight against a group of opponents using various punch and kick combos. Before starting the unblocked game you give your stickman a name and a color and you can also set the difficulty level (easy, normal or professional). After you’ve crafted your character, you must complete a tutorial that shows you the starting game mechanics and movement combos.

Before each fight begins, you face a bunch of different opponents and you must use your move combinations to defeat them! You can do three different normal moves (A, S & D) as well as three powerful heavy moves (Q, W & E). Depending on whether you are moving and which way you and the opponent are facing, the hits change. The variety of moves is great and your character can do amazing damage! Slow gestures consume your battery power, which regenerates over time, so use them sparingly and sparingly. The further you progress, the better the enemies will fight and you must fight fast and carefully to defeat them! Can you be the best stickman fighter in each level?

Electric Man 2 How To Play
Arrow keys to move your character Quick moves: A, S, D Slow Motion moves: Q, W, E
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